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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  April 25, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> we're joined now with dr. campus mulberry. they're very concerned about the food supply? >> this site his works at ucsf and the very large or were the cause of mad cow disease was discovered. and he believes that without a doubt, with the current system, we are missing cases. >> one week ago and heart of california's dairy country a dead dairy cows are arrived at a facility with a truckload of other dead cattle. now we know a test on a spring tissue confirmed the nation's fourth case of mad cow disease. that sent a shudder through california's multiple billion dollars agricultural industry. >> i want consumers to be very aware that the milk supply is safe, this has no effect on milk and meat supply is safe. >> not everyone is so sure. >> you're not surprised they found one? and you're concerned there are others? >> absolutely. if this is just a disease that happens sporadically, and cows,
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and it is very likely that there are many more cows out there that are not being tested. >> he works at the institute for neurodegenerative diseases. the nobel prize-winning director of the laboratory discovered the mysterious proteins that cause mad cow disease. he says that we only test 40,000 cattle per year and that is not enough. >> the only way of being sure that you can get every spontaneous case is by testing every animal. >> he says the jury's still out on milk despite official assurances. >> i think it is extremely unlikely that there will be transmission. but, as we thought in the u.k., it was going to be extremely likely that eating meat would present the disease. and only when people started dying was their purpose that you could transmit it that way. >> our food supply is 99.9 percent safe.
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we could get it to 100 percent safe if a test every animal. but that comes at a cost. so is it ok to drink milk? >> yes. i had a ring this morning with my coffee. >> in your pc mention that we only test 40,000 cows for year. in terms of how many we slaughter that must be minuscule. >> it is a very small fraction. 34 million cattle were slaughtered last year. 40,000 tested and that included some that were slaughtered and some that were rendered. so they're not all once headed into the food supply but if you consider being roughly one in 1000, today we know that one was positive. does that mean that there may be 999 others that could be positive? we don't have a way to answer that question. >> especially in this case, the disease was naturally occurring? >> spontaneous. it happens one in 1 million times with people and probably one and 1 million times with other species. >> thank you.
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the bay area housing market is beginning to show signs of recovery foreclosures are down, housing prices are up. kristin harris explains what is behind the slow but steady improvement. >> this neighborhood in pleasanton is a case in point, foreclosures still dot some of the blocks in this area that we were around. but realtors tell us that a recovery is on the way. >> in the valley trail subdivision, residents have become used to the delight of foreclosed homes. >> we saw a number of signs going up, and a number of homes where the lawns and things like that became an unkempt, and we just noticed, not as much activity on the streets. >> things are rapidly changing in contra costa county, one of the county's hardest hit by the housing crisis in. >> in the past year-and-a-half, the number of foreclosure sales has actually been down
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>> in our community as it is definitely down. >> the proof is in the percentages. their real estate research firm said it shows that the california diesel dropped 18% in 2012. in contra costa county the percentage of bank owned home sales went from 37% at the start of 2011 to 49% one year later. >> it can have a trickle-down effect. >> the isreal letter says that increasingly banks are going the short sale route and as a result homes sell prices are climbing and a bad market is bottoming out. >> overall prices have pre must stabilize over the past year- and-a-half, and they're going to trend up the rest of the year. >> a sign of growth that has neighbors hoping for more. >> it just keeps going and getting better and we don't see any more foreclosure signs. >> the bad news is that some banks are still holding onto a lot of foreclosed homes. realtors say that those homes will eventually trickle back onto the market but it is unlikely that we will see any kind of a bank fire sale.
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>> the seventh disco cyclist that hit and killed an elderly pedestrian in the castro will face a vehicular manslaughter charge. the district attorney says the only thing left to settle is whether the counts against him will be a misdemeanor or felony. witnesses say that the site was sped through several red lights before slamming into the 71 year-old victim at market and castro last month. the man's attorney said his client did everything he could to avoid the crash but the says footage played a nearby security camera tells a different story. >> the video tape is very powerful. it clearly contradicts earlier statements that we have heard. and it certainly will be an important piece of putting this case together. >> he says the men will face a felony if prosecutors determined that he was recklessly negligent in his riding. >> the bears version of car- mageddon.
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in today's parkway authorities warned the golden gate bridge could turn into a parking lot as doyle drive is demolished. joe vasquez shows us some of the options to get around the traffic nightmare this weekend. >> we are counting down as a little more than two days. yes, crews are hard at work getting ready to demolish doyle drive. and preparing for that traffic jam is going to happen all weekend. >> i will figure out a way not to have to come down here this weekend. >> the golden gate bridge will be open this weekend at >> this week and i think i will head down south. >> many are choosing to stay away from the area because they're going to demolish doyle drive. san francisco's rant to the golden gate bridge since 1936. in its place there building the new presidio parkway. there also building a new temporary approach to the golden gate bridge behind the sport spacemen. >> people should avoid the area entirely. >> a spokesperson to the parkway
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is trying to find a polite way to drive home the point. >> mostly we urge people to stay away from the area this weekend. >> gramm says the signs are everywhere. the 57 hour project is still to begin friday night at 8:00 and end at 5:00 a.m. monday. >> there are certain specific areas that are conflict points that are the priority. but they need to drop the structure, and then build up the new roadway. lane the asphalt, doing this right thing and get it ready for traffic monday morning. >> she says it would be easier if they close the bridge because people are going to drive it anyway and it is wrong to turn into a parking lot for three straight days. if you are so determined, and are approaching from the marina, get this, you will have to go all the way to 19th avenue, also called highway 1, on that stretch. so instead maybe this is the weekend to ride your bicycle across or take the ferry. >> if you don't need to come to the city, then please don't. not this weekend. because it will be a lot of
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traffic. >> ok, we get it. stay away. do you see that 30 stretch of road right there, that is doyle drive. they're going to use 40 jackhammers to destroy it this weekend. and you can see this pristine piece of road right here, this will be the presidio parkway. this will be part of its. this will be area that you will be able to drive on starting on monday morning. reporting live, joe vasquez, cbs 5 . a >> we have you covered when the doyle drive closure happens. find alternate routes and real- time traffic mats on our website .. >> so let's move past the doyle drive demolition, there could be trouble for commuters on the golden gate bridge. the massive labor protests next week could bring traffic to a stop. phil matier on the brewing battle that could end in an all- out bridge occupation. >> that is right, and this could be as soon as the day after the doyle drive gets done, if in
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fact it does get done and that is one of the reasons the officials here at the golden gate bridge are very nervous. here is the story. >> currently the golden gate bridge district is at the table with 25 different unions whose members have been without contracts since june. >> we have been at the table, and there is a couple of areas where real not come to terms. >> now the unions are calling for a mass rally and action for next tuesday morning, the same day as the mass actions are being called by occupy across the country. bridge officials are bracing for a noisy ticket line at the least. maybe a one day walkout or even an attempt to shut down the bridge as occupied did a couple of months back at the port of oakland. >> they did reach out to occupy oakland at some juncture last week. and, the general assembly passed a resolution that says that they will help to shut down north bay transportation. if our workers decide to strike. >> union representatives have spoke with today confirmed the talks would occupy oakland did
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occur but said there is no decision being made on a strike at this time. however, in a press release, the unions also said that it would be " reaching out directly to commuters this week to notify them of possible disruptions in their commutes', and ask for their support. >> what about a strike? what if there is it one day walkout? >> there would be administrative not represent the people that we would get into the lowlands, and we could keep the toll plaza open. >> what about the buses and ferries? >> it is hard to say, there could be a sympathetic six out or other actions. >> now allen, representatives in the labor coalition would not go on-camera with us today. instead they spoke to us over the phone and issue that release. in other words they're still being coy about exactly what they have planned for tuesday. >> it would be nice to know. thanks. today we got an update on the decades-long seismic retrofit of the bridge.
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crews now replacing old concrete which was left intact when most of the roadbed was replaced and the 1980's. the challenge for engineers and during the retrofit work is to keep traffic moving. and leaving the bridge looking like it did 75 years ago. >> i always compare it to a brain surgery. you go inside a very complex brain, and you have to repair at and yet you cannot change it. >> the last phase of the retrofit will involve everything that you see above the roadway. that work will take at least another four years, depending on the funding. >> it looks like a storm headed our way? is it raining right now? >> yes it is. i'm glad you asked because we are utilizing live high- definition radar and look at the green and yellow on the screen. but zero in on the santa clara county will read have light to moderate rainfall from morgan hill for san martin into gilroy for the evening commute. upstream to san jose. look at that right there. i will get out of the way. that is it campbell.
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throughout cambrian park. also blossom hill road with a pretty heavy downpour at this time. now we have light rain showers and just letting the pavement for the evening commute from oakland rallied into san leandro. the north bay has some very light rain showers in santa rosa. this is system number one, we will talk about a cold front for thursday, later on in this program. >> thank you. an amazing story of animal cruelty and then survival. up next, what this dog has been through and to give him a second chance? >> how would you spend $3.5 million of city money? people in one day area city now can have their say. >> it is the size of a minivan and it landed in the hills a couple o,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> meet three way, this for michael puppy got that name after surviving a harrowing trip down interstate 780. considering what happened to him, it is a miracle that he will be ok. it was a horrifying sight for a mother and her son. the dog was dangling from a rope being dragged behind a pickup truck going down the freeway. >> they tried unsuccessfully to get the attention of the driver. here is how the mother and son saved the freeway from certain death. >> he is just four months old, recently out of surgery with some road rash and one less leg. me to freeway. a ball of love that survived a horrific incident being dragged behind a truck going down the freeway. and she porter is his savior. >> started lying on my horn to catch up to him and he seemed like he was going pretty fast, about 70 m.p.h.. >> they were on their way to school driving down 780 when
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they noticed a pickup truck in front of them was dragging a small dog. >> as he was getting off of the overpass right there, the rope broke and the dog three broke free and slapped into the side of the freeway. >> the person driving the truck kept going. >> i thought he would die on the side of the road so that is why we ran to him and i grabbed my son and i said " look ". but he looked over my shoulder and said " mom, he is alive. >> it was heartbreaking to see it almost died. >> the dog was taken here to all creatures of veterinary hospital. >> this doctor performed the surgery on the the little dog. >> it was a horrendous trauma. and despite that, he is wagging his tail, it takes treats willingly and it is a happy little dog. >> along with the doctors tell, the humane society put up the money needed for its surgery. >> animals that are traumatize
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like this deserves a second chance because it is not their fault that their human companions was neglectful or abusive. >> the humane society is putting up donation cans at the middle school to help other animals in need. the dog will be recovering for two months and then put up for adoption. >> he is wrong to have a great life now. we will keep on that story and let you know. ok, have you ever thought that you could do a better job of spending your tax dollars than the people elected to do that? millions of recession weary americans would love to get that chance. and 6:00, and shows us how one bay area city allowed voters to do that. >> the question here is how would you spend $3.5 million on your city, and if you live in vallejo you'll get your say. >> it may be iraqi voters that have something in common with
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people in vallejo. a new test for democracy is under way. >> there's nothing more powerful and more truthful about having control and power and say over your taxpayer dollars. >> and a split vote the city council approve the first citywide participatory voting for the budget in united states. residents will be asked how to spend 31 $5 million. a third of their revenue. the easy part is getting ideas. >> a few years ago they had a downtown festival. that was very nice. >> all these empty buildings downtown, why aren't they a medical buildings? >> more difficult as getting people to agree. councilwoman marty brown believes the action will revise a weary city. >> people excited about democracy and politics during >> this councilman and voted against the idea sang is premature. the roads are a mess and public safety is concerned and uses for that money are already well documented. >> i think that coming out of
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the chute, when we just exited bankruptcy. we just passed this measure. to put it in the hands of people who may make a decision that is good, i'm not sure. i'm certainly think it is not mandatory. >> it is true, the city council does not need to do what the citizen say that it wants. >> it would be political suicide to take the public through a process like this and then have that kind of intention down the road. >> how is this any different from a typical public meeting where they ask for community input on various projects? the councilwoman says it is all about showing people the money. >> we put real money on the table and give people real power and say over that and then people really set up to the plate. >> the most critical decisions will be made long before there is a public vote because the list of spending proposals will be greeted by consultant and steering committee. their concern that people are too busy to get involved and the reverse community will not be heard. >> you feel that they elected
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you to make those decisions? >> absolutely they did. >> and has taken from you? >> yes has. >> which brings us back to the iraqi voters. who knows what the election in vallejo will like, it would not like anything have seen her before. no question that democracy is difficult. and it will not get any easier. >> it will be months before the general public begins participating in this process but you can bet that cities across the country are going to be paying close attention to see exactly what happens. >> a we'll entangled in fishing gear on the move.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> to meteorite sound in the sierra foothills are likely part of last weekend's daylight explosion in the sky.
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this is what it looked like some morning. the flash of light and the sonic boom were seen and heard from sacramento to reno and as far south as las vegas. scientists say the fireball exploded with one-third of the force of the atomic bomb dropped on hiroshima. one room and was found near the town of kalona must 35 mi. northeast of sacramento. the other in your lotus between auburn in placerville. experts believe the meteorite was the size of a minivan when entered the earth's atmosphere. and then after burning up an exploding the pieces that were found weigh as much as to nichols. >> it is extremely important to science. a meteorite to the hunter may only have this opportunity once or twice in their lifetimes to actually find a piece is extraordinary and to be the first to recover it, this is incredibly exciting for me. >> astronomers say that most me yours are the size of tiny stones or even grains of sand.
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and there trail last all of one second or two. so this one was a very large. >> there's a new push to keep a little bit of hollywood in the bay area. san fransisco thinking about extending a tax credit where thousands of dollars for people that some in the city. mike sugerman explains how that money paid off. >> san fransisco some community is expecting more action. with good news for the bay area struggling actors. >> i could-would pay my rent on a regular basis. >> he is a member of the bay area depressed but recovering some industry. and glad to hear that the city may continue to offer incentives. for studios to shoot in san fransisco. it did not take tax rebates to get woody allen to film " play it again sam " here in the '70s but it does now. and he is returning. >> woody allen coming out of new york to film here after 35 years, that as big a.
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>> this casting directors as his production starts in the fall and he will be eligible for a tax and fee rebates of up to $600,000. since the program has been in place for six years, and others to push to continue its when it ends this spring. >> my name is harvey milk! >> this hour for award winning got $100,000 back and a short- lived tv show received three- quarters of a million dollars but with all the other pressing social problems facing the city why give money just for people to make movies? >> we are investing in the future. how this san fransisco make money? they get tourist dollars that giving a boost to the economy here. >> she says that is helped when services co-stars in a film. >> i would love to stay here to work. >> she does not want to have to move to los angeles. movies to give many different types of people jobs here. ever see the 2006 film " the
6:26 pm
door when awards? ". probably not. a well-known writer vehicle featuring a news reporter, never made it to the theaters, it went right to dvd. >> roberta is very busy right now. >> i have been taking a look outside of the window right behind you guys to see if the pavement looks wet or not. that is one way of telling if it is raining. another way of telling if it is raining is pulling in the live high-definition doppler radar and it shows plenty of green and yellow on the screen. but it right to the south they where we have some light to moderate rainfall right now from morgan hill. san martin. also in gilroy. but look at what is happening over the santa clara valley. looking in right there from cupertino threw cambrian park, all the way to blossom hill road. we have moderate to heavy rain in the santa clara valley. now we have very light to moderate rain across the bay
6:27 pm
bridge into oakland and alameda. san fransisco with some verta that evaporates before it hits the land. and spotty hit or miss showers across the northern portion of the bay area. light rainfall in ocean beach. very muggy with relative humidity 54% in livermore, 69 degrees, also tropical moisture rolling into night. but you can expect tomorrow morning net for the commute is a cold front from the north. that will spread some very light showers from the north bay to the santa clara valley and then we will have a few sunny breaks during the afternoon hours. meanwhile tonight we still have a chance of a thunderstorm from all the sub tropical moisture listing in from the south bay and the southland. temperatures in the '50s. tomorrow daytime highs in the '50s and '60s. these numbers are coming down all because of a cold front moving in. cities in 60s east of the bay with wind out of the west at 15. in his in the northern portion of the bay area as well. we set the stage for sunshine on friday all the way through the weekend with warmer conditions,
6:28 pm
a dry weather pattern but right now we have our eye on the storm. and the pinpoint forecasts. >> thanks. a case calling into question the pentagon policy about social media. what a sergeant posted on facebook that got him in hot water with the marines? >> the arizona supreme court cases hitting close to home here in california. i am grossly. find out why this has hundreds of immigration rights advocates fired up right here in the bay area. area[ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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>> >> the nation's most hotly debated immigration law now in the hands of the supreme court. justice is considering the constitutionality of arizona's dennis b. 1070. part of law requires them to check the immigration status of everyone they stop. and today justices strong suggested that they're not buying the obama administration argument that the state exceeded their authority. >> the comments were made that arizona has a right, and i as governor, i felt, was somewhat ensure that i had a right to
6:32 pm
protect the citizens of arizona. >> border security certainly a hot button issue here in california. >> here is greatly on another fight over immigration that could affect millions of people here. >> that is right. let's start with the supreme court fight. ups is the power for law enforcement to stop and check your papers to see your immigration status. we do not have that law here in california but would you may not know is that there is already a federal program in place that some say is a little too similar. and in the supreme court case, it is a blistering up that fight. >> it is all over this country. >> immigration issue is heating up on the steps of san francisco city hall. >> we are america. and although we do not have the legal papers to prove it, where as much a part of the society as those that were born here. we are people, we're not aliens. >> a crowd of immigration advocates came out to denounce
6:33 pm
arizonas law. which allows local law enforcement to stop and check your immigration status whenever you get pulled over. but these advocates want the federal government to go a step further and repealed the secure communities act. according to the department of homeland security website, secure communities " checks fingerprint records taken by local law enforcement using misinformation to determine if immigration enforcement action is warranted. >> the purported goal is to go after the worst of the worst. >> but this immigration experts says that is not what is actually happening. >> unfortunately the data does not bear that out. they are taking lower level or non criminals even, sometimes, through secure communities. >> in fact she says since the fed's enacted secure communities, nearly 70,000 people had been deported from california alone. >> we're seeing this increase that creates fear in the
6:34 pm
immigrant communities and throughout the community in general. >> the concern is that anyone could be caught up in this net, domestic abuse victims, those that are arrested but are innocent of a crime. so to counter secure communities, tom ammiano has proposed the trust act that would require local law enforcement to hold only serious violent criminals for immigration officials allowing them to release others at their discretion, giving them a little bit more flexibility. >> on the campaign trail, it has been a foregone conclusion for a while but today newt gingrich campaign confirmed he will drop out of the race next week. the former house speaker had " strong showings in delaware could extend his campaign. mitt romney swept all five of yesterday's contests. newt gingrich is also expecting to announce his support for mitt romney next week. >> so this is personal ... this is at the heart of who we are ... we have to make college more
6:35 pm
affordable for more young people. >> that was the heart of the president's message today, to students at the university of iowa. and now congress may soon filled those words. on friday lawmakers will vote on a measure to keep interest rates on federal student loans from doubling this summer. >> leaders in the south they are taking aim at businesses that they say pray on the poor. len ramirez says there are more efforts to crack down on pay day lenders. >> that is exactly right, the city of san jose and this county of santa clara are taking on these businesses with their local zoning laws. they say there's little they can do about businesses like this one that have been assembled here in san jose four years. but when it comes to setting up shop, they want to zone them out of existence and here's why. >> it was always to help my family. a single parents, working for a nonprofit, loving my job but never having enough money. >> so eleanor did what a lot of
6:36 pm
people do. she took out a pay day loan and then another, she paid $45 for each $255 advance she took which would all come out for next paycheck. >> it perpetuates. you're paying that off and then you need that money that you just paid off, to pay for other things. and it just keeps ... it was never ending. >> it may be about to end at least in santa clara county. >> many of the lenders in this area are charging 460 percent for loans that only last two weeks. >> after a temporary moratorium on pay day loan businesses setting up shop, the board of supervisors is poised to make it permanent with a new zoning ordinance. >> did would be such that someone comes into the buying department or the building department and says that this is the only ones, a pay day landing store or a check cashing store. there will be told that zoning does not exists. >> although the number of stores once has resigned in recent years, the number of loans has grown from $10 million between
6:37 pm
2006 and 2010. lenders did not want to comment on camera but a spokesperson says they play a vital role for people that lack a good credit and can market homes and the other way. after struggling to pay off debt, she says that they do more harm than good. >> it is kind of embarrassing to be doing this but i feel that if i can help someone to not take out those loans, or even start a supporter to help families in other ways. >> the san jose planning commission will be taking up a proposal at their next meeting to stop paid a loan businesses from setting up in low income areas of the city. and the board of supervisors proposal that you just heard about will be debated and voted on at their next meeting on tuesday. reporting live in san jose, cbs 5. >> a marine has been discharged for facebook postings that he wrote that were critical of the commander-in-chief. sergeant gary stein seen sitting
6:38 pm
here on the right, was released with what is called " other than honorable discharge ". he will lose all of his benefits. he had reportedly posted thing saying that the president's was a domestic enemy. the defense department rules ban on cer,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:40 pm
>> it was a crime that ruined countless hours of volunteer work. >> people in the san fransisco neighborhood are wondering why someone would trash a community garden. >> this happened over the weekend. sometime around sunday. vandals came into the nursery in the community garden. >> at candlestick park cursory months of volunteer work was destroyed, up from plants, >> to the tune of $15,000. >> things that we have been
6:41 pm
working on for months. approximately 5000 plants being destroyed. in those plans are slated to go into the wetland restoration project. >> it is like killing babies. these were baby clams. there are a couple of them laughed but we did the best we could to clean up the area. >> and washington is a member of a collaboration that is trying to make sense of this senseless destruction. >> this is how i found it, a hot house was literally trashed. but assumes that belong to the organization got here and got to work. >> we slept, we watered things and reorganize this. >> 20 students were enroute to another project but king instead to save the day. the plants were being grown for restoration in the yosemite but tense. >> when i found out about the nursery being vandalized, the teachers were able to just call us and say " we will go to the nursery ". >> although they did a great job cleaning it up, the park is not out of the woods yet. instead of foreclosure in july but until then it needs the
6:42 pm
student partners to take ownership of the projects. >> not only is it important to the wetland ecology but is it important for the kids to learn through their hands, learn by getting back to nature. >> reporting from san fransisco, cbs 5. >> and the weather center, we have rain now falling in and around the bay area. rain in the forecast for the sierra nevada thursday with clear skies on friday. partly cloudy over the weekend. sugar bowl still open for business as is squaw valley. we will have the complete end point,,,,
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>> there are a lot of programs to help students get into college. but far less support to keep them there. sharon chip in explains what this week's jefferson award winner is doing to help students earned their degrees. >> alex holmes college student succeed with this key principle.
6:46 pm
>> college was not the destination. but it was a stepping stone. >> alex learned a lesson hard way, her parents were immigrants from haiti and told her that education was turkey to the american dream. >> you have to go to an ivy league and you have to go to dartmouth. >> she became the first and her family to go to college. >> i landed at dartmouth realizing how it was pronounced key for i got there. but we all celebrated the college's acceptances as if we had won a lottery. >> college witwas tough. >> i struggled emotionally and financially. >> she persevered. in 2009 her struggles inspired her to start a nonprofit mentoring program based in san francisco. college graduate coach underrepresented students that are more likely to drop out. >> only 9 percent of students from the lowest income quarter
6:47 pm
can expect to earn a bachelor's degree by age 24 versus 75 percent of students from the highest income. >> today their mentoring more than 801st and second year college students in the bay area. a quarter of them here at sentence of state university. >> she says her to your coach lydia johnson has been her guide. >> we recently did a four year plan. so i have all my semesters, the class i should take. and if i did not have her i would not have my your plant. >> full-time coaches mentor about 100 students every year. >> i love what i do. because it is meaningful. i feel the difference every single day. >> and under the direction of alex, they partner with high- school to track the progress of more than 12,000 alumni to discover how schools can better prepare them for college. the coach calls for a role model. >> knowing what she went through
6:48 pm
and what she has accomplished is very empowering. >> it feels like this is my life's purpose. >> so for helping hundreds of students realize their college dreams, the jefferson award goes to alex. >> and you can get more information on that nonprofit group online at .. click on the next button at the top of the page and then jefferson awards to find the story on alex, with a link to her organization. >> a gray whale caught in a fishing net moving further north. it was spotted near big sur. the pacific marine rescue center says the whale is still towing buoys that were attached to the next. experts are now waiting for the weather to get better to make another rescue attempt. they did cut some of the line last week when the whale was off the coast of southern california. >> from the cbs 5 weather center, we definitely have their eye on the storm. and in the past 90 minutes
6:49 pm
things have been popping up all over the bay area in the form of rain, moderate and heavy downpours. this is live high-definition radar for the evening commute along highway 101. morgan hill, san martin and gilroy, very sloppy. with the development of this brand new cell right here over campbell and los gatos, it is now affecting portions of the santa cruz mountains. saratoga. right there you have campbell and cambrian park. that is moderate to heavy rainfall. the peninsula pretty wet as well from belmont for where it would city all the way to los altos. traversing across the bay you can see that is what from oakland for emeryville including al mead and now raindrops are falling in san fransisco as well as berkeley and in the north bay pretty wet through petaluma for the evening commute all the way into navato. light rain falling in ocean beach where the current era senator still stands at 61 degrees. humidity in livermore all the way up to 56 percent. in that but the winds are picking up to 16.
6:50 pm
this is your futurecast, and we have scattered rain showers this evening, it quiets down and then mostly cloudy skies and look what happens for the morning commute. this is a brand new system. right now it is muggy with tropical moisture but is cold front will plow through the bay area's more with light precipitation. what you will notice is a more cool air mass. this right here sub tropical moisture lifting off of baja california, this upstream is a secondary system that will push through and as a does the cooler air mass will filter and so tempters will be coming down. raindrops on a camera lens at mount back up. tomorrow morning showers and then some bricks in the afternoon hours. sunny and warmer to images for the week and just-in-time for the pleasanton very first half marathon with the running time temperature near 60 degrees. fan off into the 50s tonight. tomorrow's highs coming down considerably in comparison to today. '50s and '60s across the santa clara valley.
6:51 pm
64 in san jose. east of the day into the 60s with a west end at 15 mi. per hour. north bay #stacking up for the '50s and turning upwards to 64 degrees. tomorrow 66, the area of the tomorrow 66, the area of the sunshine and dry weather pattern
6:52 pm
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>> the a's fans got their money's worth. >> yes, they got to sing " take me out to the ball game " twice. the fact that the a's have been shut out four times this year was not the case today. texas may run away from everyone in the american league west but they have some good things going on in oakland. meet the centerpiece of a trade, allowing only one run striking out five and six in the line. >> that all hit the, way back!. you can put it on the board!. yes estimates report. >> the 400th career home run for paul konerko. the sox took a lead.
6:55 pm
and then this. >> we have ourselves a 4/4 tie. >> 3 baddest cash after the tie the game with his fifth home run. they get one just fair driving in the game-winning run. the oakland a's improved to 10/10, 5/4 is the final. >> some of the guys certainly not as established as the guys that we have traded. but we certainly feel like comp time, there will be. >> i was raised as a white sox fans so what was critical to throw against them. i honestly am not a fan anymore but just a fan of the game. >> the giants placed of rip-off on the disabled list for anxiety disorder, he is receiving treatment and expected to rejoin the team this friday but you have to remain on the disabled list for least 15 days. paint you want to smell like a big league baseball player without the tobacco and then day? that is right, the yankees have introduced two new fragrances, one for men and another for women. a 3 oz bottle sells for $62
6:56 pm
thaw. it is cheaper to stretch yourself in stadium beer. this man smells like success, he let it fly from halfcourt, making that shot, and for it he won $25,000. he is not the only one, the third fan to make it in the last month. the warriors keep upping the ante and now offered a fan $1 million if they get from three- quarters of the court tomorrow night. as for kevin, he is thrilled with his winnings. >> everything kind of wiped out. it is all kind of a blur. but it was great. the greatest feeling have had an a long time. i had atv in my room . a i always wanted to put another tv on the wall so that when i roll over i can watch the same thing. we will see. that has an idea but maybe that will happen now. >> he said that he felt like michael jordan after he hit the shot.
6:57 pm
>> he could not have bought a better shot. >> roll over and look at one tv ... >> the ladies are attracted to watching what is on tv. we do not want to be downstairs all the time to read and there's nothing wrong with that. >> we have to go now. >> this is a family show ... >> well, that is how you get a family ... >> goodbye. >> you are blushing!. >> even heard years are red. thank you so much for joining us. it was all in good fun. it good night.
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